Being a "technician" or wherever you may find yourself in life from student to retiree there is constantly a need for a great flashlight. 

I have carried an E10 Spark for a number of years and the black paint has been replaced with a shiny silver color from wear and rubbing against keys but it is always ready at a seconds notice and has worked flawlessly.  I have purchased a charger and a few RCR123A batteries so I have a spare battery ready but it can be weeks between needing to swap for a fresh battery even though I use it daily.  I love the magnetic tailpiece that allows the light to "stick" to most metal surfaces and acts as another hand as sometimes two isn't quite enough.  The clip on the light works great on the bill of my ball cap to act as a hands free "head light".   This light has been such a great investment for me that I have given away a number of them to friends and family.

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