Many of our clients have expressed interest in being able to "check in" on their vacation homes that may be located hours away or to check in at home to see what's going on while traveling.  We have been able to provide a solution to this need and have done several installations that allow remote monitoring via video. 

Since 2011 we have dealt with Nuvico and have installed their hardware exclusively until recently when we began dealing with HikVision.  Some homes or offices lend themselves to cabling and others present more of a challenge depending on how the structure is put together and what kind of access an installer may have to get to locations above a ceiling, etc.  Once on-site we can ascertain the best way to get a camera placed where it has an optimal view of the area to be monitored.  After a system has been installed, the camera feeds can be viewed via a computer or cell phone from anywhere there is an internet connection.  HD Video is even viewable over a cellular network since most of us have 4g now.  The images below are from analog cameras.  We hope to soon add screen grabs from High Definition IP cameras.

Here is a shot of the cameras at a client's beach house.  This particular client has raved about the peace of mind he and his wife get from being able to see in real time or play back what took place at their vacation home hours away.

 Another installation has eight cameras and allows viewing everything from the pool, to the driveway, to "are all the air conditioning units running?" and even "Is there a UPS Package on the front porch?"

Some applications only require a couple cameras to keep tabs on a home or property.